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mental health 

Reply All call-in episodes are one of the many things that bring me so much joy.

Revisiting HEALTH’s DEATH MAGIC, and damn is it ever still great.

I’d forgotten how great a beat tracks like FLESH WORLD had.

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every boost is a dab I will do in real life on campus right now, valid for the next 20 minutes

Finished this off this morning before heading out for work. Very good overall! The creature being an engine of vengeance for the dead he is composed of was a neat way to show how the cycle of violence perpetuates itself.

I’m not sure if it was because of the translation but some of the language didn’t flow quite as well as I’d have liked in places. It was presented as a document about these events so it very well could have been part of the style, hard to tell.

video game, steam link 

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Illustrations depicting phases of a hypothetical transformation between Mario and Wario, from a Japanese guide for Mario & Wario on the Super Famicom.

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mental health-ish? positive 

diet culture, negative 

Reading Milkman by Anna Burns. The stream of consciousness style of writing has such a neat flow to it, I think it might be helping me retain what is being said? At the same time it makes it really hard to find a good place to stop as there aren’t very consistent paragraph breaks.

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"darling, you smell like a double-frap two-pump cinnamon dolce with maple crème."
"hold me, hold me like a venti."

*they embrace*

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Toot v1.6 is out!

This release is a collection of smaller features and bugfixes. What is new is:

* It is now possible to approve follower requests for locked accounts in the app.
* Loading and caching timelines has been improved and is now more robust. This should hopefully resolve some rare bugs.
* The profile screen of a user will now list your relationship with them, such as whether you are following each other, or if you have blocked them.

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We’re proud and excited to announce our new game!
🌀 Winding Worlds 🌀

Jump in. Make friends. Change worlds. A colourful and dreamy puzzle-adventure about exploration, friendship, and acceptance. Coming soon exclusively to Apple Arcade.

negative feelings 

alcohol mention 

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Hey can we not misgender people just cause we don't like them?

Person is problematic? Person is a shithead? Person hurt someone? /Don't misgender them/

By doing so you're saying trans/GNC people are only the gender identity we know we are when we behave perfectly for others.

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Lazer Pizza!!

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