@nicknicknicknick why not both? 🤣 co-op where one of the two is given an objective to work against their teammate.

@Mainebot this sounds ridiculous and good. Not quite the same but the card game Blank has you adding rules as you play the game, it’s really good

Brian Evenson, horror 

Brian Evenson, horror 

Brian Evenson, horror 

@paeneultima I’ve not read her! Will have to check them out. There’s a film adaptation of another of his stories, Wandering Earth, which has that same thread of hope. It’s not a perfect film but it was a pretty decent watch if you haven’t seen it! It’s not as far reaching as Remembrance of Earth’s Past but still good.

@paeneultima for sure! It’s made me want to read more of his work. Definitely liked it not falling into the patterns so much other sci-fi falls into where you can tell pretty generally where it’s going to go

@paeneultima that ending was so perfect. The chapters leading up to it were so bleak, I was very happy with how it was all resolved

@paeneultima I can definitely see that being helpful. It was pretty intense to read with how high the hopes went and the depths of hopelessness, though hope persisted throughout.

books books books, no spoilers 

@paeneultima I finished Death’s End last week. That damn book was very much a rollercoaster. How are you feeling about it now with a few weeks(month+?) to sit on it?

@Mainebot *bows* I’d like to thank my bed for supporting me and my cats for being snuggly

book talk, death’s end 

Holy damn, The Lighthouse looks great. Robert Eggers had me with The Witch and looks like that’ll continue here.

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