@eli_oat curious: how do you track what you’ll put in these/decide what’ll make the cut? Because I’m super into this kind of thing. Pocket fails to deliver the “share what you’re reading” aspect that I want, while most social platforms are just sharing into the void, and I’d like to be able to share things I find interesting with others who may think the same.

@coffeentacos when I come across something interesting I plop it into, which, by means of IFTTT is also funneled into Pocket (because I love redundancy). I read through this stuff every couple days or so, and lift interesting links and snippets into a markdown document. After I've collected what seems like a good number, I re-arrange and try to tease out some sort of loosey goosey theme, or connections between the stuff.

@eli_oat nice, I like it! I do enjoy checking through these.

@coffeentacos so, nothing really fancy. I've thought about automating the process more, but I've always had a thing for sort of monotonous, tedious tasks. As an undergrad I did a lot of stop motion, and hand drawn animation...I think I missed my calling.

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