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Should probably do a proper .

I'm JC and I'm from Vancouver.

I'm into:
- Cats
- Beer
- Cider
- Coffee
- Board games
- Video games
- Books!
- Fountain pens & pencils
- Plants (eating and growing)
- Oxford commas
- Cartoons
- Puzzles (crosswords, number puzzles, that kind of thing)

I mostly keep to myself but say hi!

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Brian Evenson, horror 

Brian Evenson, horror 

books books books, no spoilers I finished Death’s End last week. That damn book was very much a rollercoaster. How are you feeling about it now with a few weeks(month+?) to sit on it?

book talk, death’s end 

Holy damn, The Lighthouse looks great. Robert Eggers had me with The Witch and looks like that’ll continue here.

“What these brands are buying is a form of ad space — reach — not influence. Real influence is about people who have painstakingly established credibility in an area over time, building a foundation that lasts with a set of people who notice.”

This newsletter continues to deliver. Give it a read!


"I'm here, just here. You're here, just here. There is something here, something beautiful something special. It may last but a moment, but we are always connected to each other. I want you to feel that, when you see my work. You are not alone. There is always someone in the world keeping an eye on your struggle."

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The more I think on it, the more this strikes me as what I would like. Even on here things move so quickly (though slower than other places due to size), and you’re incentivized to make small quick posts that’ll get shared by many.

A very good fake social media thread about social media by Robin Sloan.


cursing, rogan 

cursing, rogan 

book talk, cixin liu 

This so thoroughly nails a lot of what I can’t stand about social media.

“Social media yammers on about connection and community when it really leads to isolation and, worse, a narcissistic immaturity desperate for the kind of human connection that cannot be borne from replying to each other on Twitter.”

book talk, cixin liu 

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