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Should probably do a proper .

I'm JC and I'm from Vancouver.

I'm into:
- Cats
- Beer
- Cider
- Coffee
- Board games
- Video games
- Books!
- Fountain pens & pencils
- Plants (eating and growing)
- Oxford commas
- Cartoons
- Puzzles (crosswords, number puzzles, that kind of thing)

I mostly keep to myself but say hi!

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i wish literally any and all social media sites had a CW feature

@JPEG hi! Seems since the last update, new replies no longer keep the CW of the toot being replied to. I know you’d fixed this in a previous update but doesn’t seem to be working again.

Oh good, Mast isn’t keeping CWs in replies. That’s great.

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Got two movies rented, will prob watch them this weekend. Been wanting to watch Mandy since friends raved about it, and Hotel Artemis, while not a critical success, seems right up my alley.

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Listening to Palace by Matthew and the Atlas. Something about this album just works so well for me

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I mean really, do they even have a bad album?

It’s a The Mountain goats kind of morning.

Was reminded of this comic by Yumi Sakugawa today. It is absolutely lovely and is a thing I feel in a big way for some people.

‪Out with the old, in with the new. At least, prepping for that. Freshly inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Take-Sumi. ‬

Streaming Yakuza Kiwami 2! Revisiting my favourite PS2 game.

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~ whispers a brief reminder ~

ignoring inequality or "not having politics" is privileged cowardice.

Maybe finishing this tonight?! Final chapter of Dragon Quest Builders! live at

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Lazer Pizza!!

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