I just tried to pull one of my dogs in for a hug and he burped in my face. So goodnight I guess

@cgsaw sorry I’m sorry I’m trying to delete it

do you think vegeta was a super saiyan the entire time he was nailing bulma or only when he came

i am really burned out and not really sure how to reboot. might take a mental health day tomorrow but if i don't, i think i need to try to concentrate on a radically different project at work. i just crunched on a project for a week and a half and now my brain says meh to everything

Good lord Valkyria Chronicles 4 is anime as fuck. Really enjoying the demo though

I really appreciate that Evan Rachel Wood is the last person on earth using dubsmash and that she is extremely into it

Drift down into the new dark light
Without any reservations
You found my breaking point

This is so sad alexa call Chester Cheeto

does Toad shoot spores everywhere in the spring and if so, that's gotta smell just awful right

boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
that's why i toot
and copy bad rhymes

:shiba_sad: I'm the Shiba of selfcare!

Sometimes you gotta withdraw a little :shiba_doghouse:

Or you might get a mood boost from socializing :shiba_friendship:

Remember to hydrate & nourish yourself :shiba_drink: :shiba_snack:

You can think of something that puts you in a happier headspace :shiba_dreams:

You can take a selfie :shiba_grass: show everyone how beautiful you are!

Anger is ok, healthy, and normal :shiba_angry:

Rest is vital! :shiba_nap:

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friends, looking for a video game rec. something light and fluffy but fun and engaging. nothing with too much commitment but enough to lose yourself in what you're doing. (something like mini metro might do). but nothing like stardew valley only because i'd want to make sure my farm was perfect over a long playthrough, and i'm just looking for something maybe more stage-based! pc would be good.

Game Idea: Earthbound but actually good

*joker voice* You wanna know the fault in these stars?

Me: god work has been nonstop for the last three weeks. i can’t wait to relax this weekend

Life: your future mother in law is visiting, your fiancée is going to be asleep 80% of the time. her friend is going to stop by, dominate the night, and leave her dog here. you will have to entertain all of them.

Me: o...okay

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