if only wil wheaton was here to tell me what memes are good

wombats, minesweeper, and beans huh cool cool cool i'm just going to head over to urban dictionary for a bit to see what the fuck is going on

every time i check my timeline, it feels like i'm drifting farther and farther away from mastodon discourse

ME: *going through a rough patch*

PERSON: hey, reach out if you need to talk

ME (speaking): absolutely will, thank you

ME (thinking): I will die first

-sees someone who abandoned Mastodon in a random Twitter thread- Haha what a funny reply you TRAITOR!! YOUR DESCENDANTS WILL BE CURSED FOR 10 GENERATIONS AND ALL YOUR CROPS WILL BE BLIGHTED!!!!

boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

Gohan in the streets, Piccolo in the sheets

my name's hamilton and i'm here to say / i love america in a MAJOR way

why is anyone surprised lin-manual miranda loves garfield when he wrote the world's whitest raps

i am very tired and i am too old to keep up with mastodon discourse

I have never made sense in my entire life and I refuse to start now.

we've kept our finger on the pulse of internet culture and thanks to overwatch we've learned that you are all extremely hornt and just want all of your favorite characters to do each other real good

hey everybody get ready for yoshi's crafted world that's right your favorite dinosaur is back with all of his friends and this time boshi is here and guess what boshi fucks

bad pun, not funny, also semi-lewd Show more

some of y'all are just changing instances now out of habit, aren't you

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Lazer Pizza!!

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