Fun Fact:

"Lo Fi Hip Hop Beats To Relax/Study To" formerly used this clip from the Ghibli anime movie "Whisper Of The Heart." As the popularity of the channel grew, they switched to a new very similar but legally distinct piece of animation to avoid copyright trouble.

P.S. Watch "Whisper Of The Heart." It's my favorite Ghibli movie.

It takes a story about a girl growing up to become an author and makes it as magical and heartfelt as any of the Ghibli fantasy movies without ever leaving the confines of reality. It shows how your everyday life can be like a Ghibli film too.

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I think they also used other clips from Whisper Of The Heart. That movie had a lot of studying with headphones on. But I'm just going off of memory so I could be wrong.

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@bunnyjane It's a beautiful production. That jam scene with them and the older musicians all together is simply wondrous. ^_^

@bunnyjane BTW, have you seen Studio Ghibli's video for Chage & Aska's "On Your Mark"? It's a veritable micro-feature, and I rank it amongst their best works. Intensely emotional.

@bunnyjane I relate super strongly with the main. Rewriting count

I should totally rewatch the movie whenever I need inspiration to push through a creative project!

@bunnyjane the other channels that ripped off this and LFHH new creation tho...kmtttt

looks so cheap

@bunnyjane also was it Chillhop that used it first, or Chilledcow?

I feel like it was chillhop then they moved on to the racoon and then chilled cow...

@bunnyjane God, I even have the LFHH merch at my place (it's amazing, btw) and I did not knew the story. Thanks for telling it !

@bunnyjane well it's cheaper to hire an artist than to pay a lawyer

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