The Great Man Theory, Musk 

Teaching history as a series of great things done by great individuals who changed the world exacerbates the worship of people like Elon Musk.

It makes it easier for people to believe it when Musk says he's going to revolutionize the world by selling you another product. After all the schools taught us that that's what Ford did!

The Great Man Theory, Fascism 

It makes it easier for people to give more power to the president, since they were taught so many presidents were great unique men who changed the world with their great deeds that only they could have done.

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The Great Man Theory, Newton 

This rant brought to you by a trailer for a podcast about Isaac Newton that ignores how much of Newton's work was based on or copied from existing Arabic scientific knowledge, and instead insists that he's a great man who single handedly invented science and changed the world.

As if nobody else was looking at those Arabic texts, would have figured out the same stuff.

As if minds of equal genius weren't being snuffed out by the growing European empires of the time.

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