A while back someone posted a thread about how it super isn't cool that non-Jewish creatives constantly use The Golem, protector of the Jewish people, as a fantasy monster or robot stand-in. Since then I've been thinking about other ancient robot stories which people could use as inspiration for their stories, games, etc.

In this thread I'm going to give a brief overview of a handful of ancient robots. These stories all have different interpretations and retellings, but these are my takes.

Ancient Robot: Talos 

Ancient Robot: Galatea 

Ancient Robot: Pinocchio 

Early Robot: Frankenstein's Monster 

IMO Talos is a good name for any automaton type monster, and Galateans is a great name for a fantasy-race of artificial humanoids. Also the terms automaton and construct are descriptive while being fairly neutral.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild called their rock monsters talos. If Zelda can do it, so can you!

Dolls and puppets are also good words for "animated artificial humanoid monsters."

re: Ancient Robot: Pinocchio 

re: Ancient Robot: Galatea 

Ancient Robot: Galatea 

Ancient Robot: Talos 

@bunnyjane Can you repost these publicly? I'd love to boost these to so the DMs there can see this!

@Canageek they should be boostable already. I didn't make them private.

@bunnyjane You ar right, must be a bug in subway tooter that a lock appeared next to them!

@bunnyjane I made a drawing of a golem a while back and I didn’t think of that when drawing it, did I did something wrong?

@bunnyjane I love threads like this just for more varied inspiration tbh

@bunnyjane I seem to remember that Hephaestos also had golden statues serving him. I don't remember my source, though.

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