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*Magica Mechanica voice*
"That's right, I'm reinforcing gender! Being a woman is awesome! I love it! Whatcha gonna do about it!"

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This is the heart of the Magica Mechanica Wand Mark II.

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Another try at designing a case for my DIY handheld videogame. Again it's based on Tiger LCD games, but I think it turned out much better looking than my first try (partially because I'm getting better at TinkerCAD).

Making the design smaller required cutting the battery life in half. But if I can eek six hours out of it then maybe its worth it for the cute size?

I really like this design. It's a shame it's probably both beyond my crafting skills and un-3D-printable.

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It works! Mostly! I couldn't get SSH set up. It'll be pretty hard to do much without SSH since the screen is so small. Connecting an external monitor just mirrors the screen so Raspbian menus still get cut off.

But I got it on WiFi, which let me download themes, updates, and box art for games. I used a USB stick to put ROMs on it and they play well. Much better frame rate than on the software WaveShare provided.

Other girls: i hate my human flesh i want to be a robot.

Me: i hate being a robot i want to be a human.

I took PDP pics at several retro computing events. who knows more about the product designer? the color schemes are top notch stylish for the era, even the manuals matched! somebody put some serious design skills in it. I want to know who.

That feeling when I'm afraid to say something nice to someone because I don't know if they'll think I'm saying it sarcastically to be mean. Usually I try to find a different way to say it or I tell myself it'll be ok and I say it. Usually it's ok. But I really hate the anxiety. It makes me not want to talk to people.

hey if you play dnd like youre a deranged video game character please find a party thats all murderhobos like you bc whenever i have to play with you it just sucks the enjoyment out of it. thanks

Related: Homer describes the sky as "bronze" a few times in the Odyssey and Iliad, and there's a bunch of interpretations: Homer was colour blind, or he was poetically saying it was bright and shining, or what if he was describing a smoggy day or a sunset? But consider the patina on bronze. Yes, it is green. But several ancient cultures referred to the sky as "the green" and if you look at a patina'd metal statue against the sky, the saturation levels are similar. Homer, you clever bastard.

not sure if trend or just me, but:

the thing in isekai where instead of making the story about modern knowledge vs. ancient knowledge, it's about adult knowledge vs. child knowledge

instead of trying to bootstrap the world up to modern ideas, the protagonist is trying to bootstrap themselves into adulthood by not making the same mistakes twice

it potentially makes for a really weird and preachy coming of age story


hey doctors: time to get rid of all the “for women only” sentences on your standard forms and just ask everyone if they might be pregnant


"Let's make a game about destroying capitalism!" - a capitalist game company very much intending on marketing its product as apolitical

literally Dead Cells is the only game you should spend money on

Did you make gooigi because you were lonely, luigi

Did you hope she would understand you even if no one does

Does looking at gooigi feel as weird as looking in the mirror, or did externalizing your reflection allow you to see past the dissociation

i’m just saying the more of us make cool art, the more art there will be here. and then you can tell your other cool friends “ohh all the cool art is on mastodon” and then they will join too. and then there will be even more art and also cool people here. just saying

I have upcoming sprite work for freelance so I decided to warm-up today by editing the Robirdo/Mechatherine sprite from Mario Advance to fit more in-line with the rest of the game.

I'll definitely get one for a future Magica Mecanica wand project, but not just yet.

There's a few pico projectors that cost just below $100 now. Also sometimes models from the first or second generation of em show up on eBay for $50ish dollars.

I've been wanting a pico projector forever but they're kind of useless so it's really hard to justify.

Apparently it's dead simple to make a hologram by pointing a projector at the mist from one of those ultrasonic water vaporizer humidifier things, and I want to try it. I have a water vaporizer. But I shouldn't spend money I don't have.

Maybe I'll rig up something with a high power flashlight. Shrug.

Ugh I wish I had just a little more money so I could buy a used pico projector on ebay.

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