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I make passive dynamic walking toys, AKA ramp walkers, and occasionally post videos of them on YouTube. Someday hopefully I'll make a business selling them. My end goal is to make a giant one I can ride because yes I am that big of a mecha nerd.

I made prettier ones entirely of cast resin, but this prototype made out of garbage with cast resin parts attached to it is one of my best walkers so far -

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*Magica Mechanica voice*
"That's right, I'm reinforcing gender! Being a woman is awesome! I love it! Whatcha gonna do about it!"

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Another try at designing a case for my DIY handheld videogame. Again it's based on Tiger LCD games, but I think it turned out much better looking than my first try (partially because I'm getting better at TinkerCAD).

Making the design smaller required cutting the battery life in half. But if I can eek six hours out of it then maybe its worth it for the cute size?

I really like this design. It's a shame it's probably both beyond my crafting skills and un-3D-printable.

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It works! Mostly! I couldn't get SSH set up. It'll be pretty hard to do much without SSH since the screen is so small. Connecting an external monitor just mirrors the screen so Raspbian menus still get cut off.

But I got it on WiFi, which let me download themes, updates, and box art for games. I used a USB stick to put ROMs on it and they play well. Much better frame rate than on the software WaveShare provided.

How much would you pay for a custom sculpted statuette of your fursona in a YCH style?

I gotta check if the first leg of each pair I drill is always coming out at the same angle.

If it is, then that gives me a clue about what the problem might be. Even if I don't totally figure out what the cause was, if the first leg always comes out ok then that should mean my toys will turn out ok if I just stop trying to drill the legs as pairs.

However that will require designing a new jig at the very least. Probably also designing a new leg (but I was going to do that anyway).

Chesties and a bit of lewd talk 

I drill two tubes on the same drill press using the same sine bar with the same stack height. Like literally they were both on there at the same time I just drill one then carefully slide it over and drill the other. I took all the care in the world but one came out at a different angle than the other. Like a whole degree off.

It's super frustrating. It's kind of hard to even think about it long enough to figure out a solution without getting frustrated enough to give up or scream or something.

whenever i try to compose music it just comes out like that one sonic game where they lost all the music and had to remake it one day before release

everything sucks and I just want to crawl into a hole and work on my projects and not come out until one of them is actually completed

bastet hasn't seen me in months, but as soon as we got into bed she curled up on my feet. she's so good. 😭

sci fi species that's just some punk elves and everything the factions know about them is they show up in pubs and stuff and start fights, no one gets properly hurt, they always pay their bills (and they're good customers before the fights, always) and pay triple the damages, and no one ever sees them enter or leave. If you throw them out they never show up again even centuries later they dont.

lack of elders 

lack of elders 

lack of elders 

just a reminder to please please PLEASE use an image description whenever you can, even if it's literally as short as "a pic of me" or "me" or "cat" it makes the website more accessible to everyone and is a feature that's very easy to use! there's even an automatic caption generator in the image description field (it's in the "edit" secton if you click "detect text from picture")

Whenever someone tries to insist there's a common theology between Judaism and Christianity I read them Baba Metzia 59b, the passage of Jewish liturgy which establishes that it is humans who decide collectively what is right through argument and reason, and G-d has no say in the matter. Even if G-d spoke to you directly from the heavens, it is irrelevant to what is correct, that's just one opinion. The talmud derives this from the Torah passage: "It is not in heaven" Devarim 30:12

"Judeo-Christian" says the ex-christian who has never touched a Chumash or read a line of Talmud. "The old testament God" they say, having never only read King James

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