I hope everyone is having a good day today! This is the first day I have free time yeeet

@btrflyknife work has been a drag, but I’m going out with some friends tonight for board games so I’m looking forward to that!

@coffeentacos ooh that sounds fun!! What are some of your favorite board games??? Ive been trying to find some interesting new things to play 🤔

@btrflyknife it really depends what I’m in the mood to play and who I’m playing with! I really love games like Deep Sea Adventure for when I need something quick and fun to teach, especially when playing with people who don’t game much, or say, a pub night. I also really like cooperative games, one of my faves being Pandemic. The combination of working together and the increasing challenge is just so satisfying.

@coffeentacos OOOH I've been thinking about pandemic cause that looked fun!! Yeah I feel like working together would be more fun then getting angry and over competitive. I've never heard of the first game but I googled it and it looks really cool!!

@btrflyknife I’ve got... more than a few board games 😅 happy to recommend some if you like!

@coffeentacos yesss!!! The last board games I played and liked (it's been a really long time) is Carcassonne and elder sign. I live near a coffee shop that has TONS of cool board games but haven't scoped it out yet

@btrflyknife Carcassonne is SOLID. One of the first I played and still a favourite.

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