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Every single step you made has been progress and you deserve to be proud about that

I haven't said this in a while but I appreciate and love every single one of you and you are all brilliant people.

"hey akina can you design a beautiful email that were gonna put all our hope for sales in, in the next 15 minutes?" SURE NO PROBLEM lol

I love when I find new music I vibe to it's always so exciting

I already asked this but I'll ask again- what's your favorite book/reading material lately??

been watching horror movies the past few days tbh and one like...honestly just made me way more emotional then anything. Like you know i'm reaching very odd empathic levels when im crying for people making terrible horror movie situation choices

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put up the tree and decorated this weekend in attempt to get festive~~

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That's my "Nana Karen" way of saying my whole back and neck hurt and I don't even remember what not having heartburn feels like

It's like the moment I turned 25 I think my body actually died and I'm just living in the shell as it gradually breaks down year by year.

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Lazer Pizza!!

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