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Every single step you made has been progress and you deserve to be proud about that

I hope everyone has a great week I love and care about you

Goldfish or cheez-its?

I slept with my sports bra on how did that not piss me off

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Being in my hometown is always so jarring. It's amazing how I grew up here as a kid and felt safe

April fool's my job laid off my coworker and gave me his workload ha ha the fool here is ME

Anime detour more like......anime dead tired walking around this fucking hotel

Also I just want you (yes you reading this) to know you're a DOPE human okay? Like I think you are fucking COOL AS HELL.

it's been a week since we revitalized lazer pizza and already it feels so different and a bit more alive. thank you to our new neighbors here who are making this a more friendly place. reminder that membership is still open by invite only. just DM me if you're interested in our small neighborhood of 'sincereposting'

Big Monday energy today I hope the coffee is strong for everyone who needs it today 😴😴

An Oreo right after a bong hit for some reason is a very comforting flavor

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I hope everyone is having a good day today! This is the first day I have free time yeeet

Okay no one probably knows what I'm talking about but the first podcast I ever listened to was one made in like fucking 2011 and it was called You Look Nice Today and it was fucking hilarious and all I remember is this like thing called "fishsticking" where you're dancing but internally and the guy made a video (he does car commericals now like okay) of him just standing in an airport listening to Archie bell and the drells and there you go that's a portion of my brain

Oh my gosh!!! There's new people on my local???? Welcome to y'all πŸ₯°

I wish I knew how people cracked their necks without being literally terrified of it cause I'm so scared but something's gotta give πŸ˜‚

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