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introduction, lots of tags 

Hey I'm Akina, I love and I'm an internet gremlin here to spread but also whine and complain cause that's my shit. I sometimes will trip and toot my experiences....

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please read before you follow 

If you do/are any of the following:
draw or approve of loli/shota/cp,
are a pedo/rape apologist or apologist behaviors, are racist, transphobic, ableist, or have those behaviors
literally don't waste your time to follow me, i do not want you here and i will block you if i smell it on you.

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Meta but also hmu if you notice 

I feel like a lot of people on masto seem to like......know all the drama about other users /instances and I just really don't becsuse frankly i don't know how everyone knows everyone. please please let me know if I'm following or interacting with your abuser, or a toxic individual I should be avoiding. LET ME KNOW I will try to keep you safe as well as myself.

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Every single step you made has been progress and you deserve to be proud about that

I thought today was Tuesday literally up until the moment I pulled open mastodon to complain about it being Tuesday and then I REALIZED IT WAS FUCKING MONDAY.

How do I run away and start a homestead with no house no land and no money lmfaoo but for real how

I feel like I haven't had an actual night's sleep in so long. Like I sleep but it almost feels like I'm half conscious all night I don't like it.

Cw violence, minne riots, c*ps 

I'm so proud of my fucking city for fighting as hard as they have. I should have been there. Low key wish there was more firepower behind us to literally just annihilate the cops. Like they had snipers ready waiting to kill UNARMED CIVILIANS. Every shot the cops took was an attempted headshot. They literally would kill us if given the chance so kill them first.

Link to my music I've been making / trying to make

Made a little playlist of the songs I like so far I've made (also I cheated and used some loops don't judge I ain't bethoven)

After changing daws 40 times and trying multiple sound packs and midi keyboards I finally feel like a twelve year old SoundCloud rapper and that is an achievement to me

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Last night I made some music and im so happy cause I feel like I'm finally figuring out how to do what I want to do which is amazing

Oof last night the internet had way too much to say and I feel like I should just be staying in my mastodon bubble as much as possible lmao

My angry thoughts on LDRs IG post lol 

Lmao I read Lana del Rey's little rant about how she's a victim and has been shamed from the industry and tried to pin herself against black women artists like THEY haven't struggled with their music at all and she's just some black sheep of the music industry like are you KIDDING me? Could you be any more narcissistic you're rich as fuck you had your moment and now your salty that a FEW black women are more successful than you. Bummer bitch

The depersonalization is fucking real lately I don't even feel like a human in reality

Mn rambling 

Why does every establishment in minnesota have the same basic Sunday playlist that has like Aerosmith, Nickelback, and same 2 maroon 5 songs like why?????

My stupid emotional ass tearing up listening to the fucking middle by jimmy eat world as if I'm the first person to be like wow jimmy eat world I'm in the middle of the ride ur totally right everything's gonna be fine


My old college friend just became a cop and now i can't bring myself to continue being their friend which is kind of sad but ACAB especially ones who have been educated about how fucked up the system is but continue to be complacent as hell idk man but yea sure congrats on the new job ruining poor and poc people's lives 😒


I am baked and I hella want Reese's cups and I live so close to a fucking wallgreens but.. outside..... people......

Job ramblin 

My boss let me leave early today cause I worked really hard this week...if this was the job I had around this time last year I would seriously be forced to stay late even if I had my work done. My director will never know how MUCH I geniunely appreciate the small shit like that because she might not ever understand how much I was taken advantage of at my previous job

Lol I always want to post something on here but then I realize how hella boring my life is as I literally just go to work go to sleep and go to work again and I have nothing to talk about. Sup y'all have a good day fuck capitalism and fuck 40 hr work weeks

UGHHH I have to call a place for my tax information noOOOOOOOO the worst two things combined in one issue. Taxes and calling

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