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Meta but also hmu if you notice 

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Every single step you made has been progress and you deserve to be proud about that

I went to a show last night and it was super cool but tbh there were so many minors I felt too old to fully enjoy myself. At least 100 gecs was dope but lollll I felt aged as fuck surrounded by all the cool young egirls....where do they all get those fucking pants tho do they come in 24s

I wake up an hour before my alarm no matter what I set my alarm to and honestly it's so frustrating and offensive like I want to SLEEEP

So I went from limiting my Twitter, insta, and facebook use, then fell off that wagon, but this time I'm just actually blocking them. Every time I spend time on them I either get upset, borderline stalk people who aren't in my life, or cry cause I don't get engagement. That shit ain't healthy for me lol

My mom drama --- I kinda need help 

The tiny food toys idk 

I bought the mini food brand things..........I love them.. I got a cute little reddi whip 😭😭

One small goal I have is just...trying to be happy for other people more. I feel like I harbor jealousy too much and don't always want the best for others and that needs to change

My brain automatically when any older gentleman is kind to me: are you my bio dad?

Weed paranoia 

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well folks. It's time. This is my favorite poem I've ever written. In fact, I got a tiny little reputation at my school for it. I hope to perform it at some slam poetry competitions someday, so you might see it online! This is the special uncut version for y'all. Please give it some love!

"To The Best-Selling Abled Authors Who Love to Write About Disability"

Not having a car is turning me into more of a diva than I already am yes time to do anything? Better call my driver -pulls up Lyft app-

Went to a concert last night and was like "oh I can go to work it's fine" and I fulllllly regret that choice lmao the show was worth it at least

House things barely lewd 

Finally got a lot of our stuff moved around and I'm happy to be in this area. Too bad this townhome came with some unexpected roommates (mice), which we already had an exterminator out but hoping for the best here :angery:

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I don't think I hit y'all with this. You might recall I posted a WIP of this a while ago, but here it is finished. Behold, progress.

#3d #3dart #blender

🎃 Happy first day of Halloween everyone 🎃

I have successfully moved. All of our shit is lazily put in the living room but I don't even care. SUCCESS.

I have been crazy MIA trying to deal with this move and my new job. I love y'all and soon I won't be so gone 😢 I move tomorrow and Tuesday so at least it won't be too much longer

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