bit of a weird post but I've got this shower curtain that is perfectly fine, that I'm not using, in addition to a black linen (not a blackout) curtain - only one panel.

does anyone need a new shower curtain and/or to block some light from your writing or art desk?

I'll pay shipping in the continental US, to a good home

In the past few months I have learned that if you continue to defer taking care of yourself, it’s 100% going to catch up with you, and will eventually seep into everything else you’re working on. Cannot stress the importance of self-care enough, y’all.

If anyone has advice for navigating such situations, I’ll try almost anything.

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If I may rant on this for a moment, it all stems from all my failed attempts to manage someone that reports to me at work. I’ve tried everything - coaching, giving examples, having her talk me through her process and providing feedback - and I’m still doing so much of her work for her. I’ve tried being direct but even with the most clear instruction, I get something other than what’s needed.

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It’s been raining all day here, and I am so looking forward to the comfort food meal I have planned for tonight.

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Omg I meant secretly not severely but OMG what if the hate is severe??

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Nothing like a self assessment ahead of your performance review to make you think, “wait what if everyone severely hates me?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me: I have made great progress on self image issues
Also me: *sees candid photo of me in the paper from a networking event* ok y’all need to tell me when I look like I want you to answer me these riddles 3 before crossing my bridge.

I’ve been training a new staff member in person all week and she is absolutely wonderful but omg do I need some alone time to recharge.

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Something I noticed that’s really nice in Jane the Virgin is that the family always asks each other, “how are you feeling?” whenever they bring up something that’s happening in their lives

It’s been two days since I returned from vacation and I’ve decided at some point in my life I need to live on a body of water.

Ever look around and feel like everyone else has their shit together and you still have college clothes in your closet from Forever 21 that somehow haven’t disintegrated with the passage of time?


Yeah ok I did one too I like learning about people through stuff like this

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please enjoy my gentle boi sharing some ice cream with my parents' dog

There is an intern here (not in my dept) that’s stuck sitting in a room with a bunch of middle age people that just complain all day and I want to save her so bad and let her know that adulthood is not all “I hate Monday’s” jokes.

Definitely on a kick with The National lately even though I feel their sound is best suited for cool, breezy yet sunny autumn days.

Hi everyone, guess who wasn’t ready to hurriedly grab a box of tissues as Stranger Things season 3 ended? Yup that was me.

I worked from home for the first time in 2 years and gotta day, there’s something really nice about working from your porch

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