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It’s been two days since I returned from vacation and I’ve decided at some point in my life I need to live on a body of water.

Ever look around and feel like everyone else has their shit together and you still have college clothes in your closet from Forever 21 that somehow haven’t disintegrated with the passage of time?


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There is an intern here (not in my dept) that’s stuck sitting in a room with a bunch of middle age people that just complain all day and I want to save her so bad and let her know that adulthood is not all “I hate Monday’s” jokes.

Definitely on a kick with The National lately even though I feel their sound is best suited for cool, breezy yet sunny autumn days.

Hi everyone, guess who wasn’t ready to hurriedly grab a box of tissues as Stranger Things season 3 ended? Yup that was me.

I worked from home for the first time in 2 years and gotta day, there’s something really nice about working from your porch

A big party that I’ve been planning for work is happening this week and I honestly have more anxiety about this than I had about my own wedding 😬

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I’m seeing one of my all-time favorite bands tonight and just might break my rule of not listening to the band’s music on the way to the show ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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When you’re just trying to bring recyclables out but walk past your security camera and @ryanlittlefield talks through it unexpectedly

I wrote a thing on Facebook and it’s gotten a better than expected response and I’m thinking maybe blogging is actually a good outlet for me to keep my skillz sharp? Huh!

I wish it were acceptable to wear a sign on days like today that says, “I don’t have the mental fortitude for small talk today.”


Just got far too excited that we’re getting spinach in next week’s produce delivery. This is 30.

Things from high school that I miss: Getting home from school and watching Steven’s Untitled Rock Show on Fuse.

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