fucked up how Alan Turing, Computer Daddy, would've fit in around here

apparently he wouldn't shut up about how gay he was, and mentioned it in casual conversation

in 1936 he invented a computer that, get this, can do everything any computer built since then could do. everything. yes, it can mine bitcoin. yes, it can run Doom. it could run all of Amazon's backend. just very slowly, of course.

Computer Daddy was hella gay


@Mycroft of course you bring this up the day I'm wearing my Alan Turning shirt!

@RC My spouse is having a miserable day and I didn't think anything could make him smile but I told him about this and he laughed which is a miracle, thank you for sharing your awesome t-shirt. @Mycroft

@RC @Mycroft making the world a better place, with a nice Slogan and boobs :)

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