Big news!

My game Flipology will be available for preorder in US and NZ soon and we'll be offering discount codes!

You need to signup for the Cheeky Parrot Games newsletter to get it though!

Register at on the bottom of the page! And hurry the newsletter will be out tomorrow!!

Please boost this if you can! If I can get more folks on the newsletter and more preorders, I can get the game in more stores in more countries!!!

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Also my Kiwi followers should really sign up since it's an awesome Kiwi publisher!

I'm looking at you @Lexi

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Special preorder bonus for our US customers:

Each order will be lovingly handled by yours truly😘

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I was mistaken! Orders are WORLDWIDE!!!!

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@RC Ooo, thanks! I'll have a look later! ❤

@RC you can hand deliver mine to save like $2 on shipping! haha

@ryanlittlefield I'm probably going to be doing quite a few hand deliveries actually! In a few months I'll just have a crate of copies in my apartment waiting for an enveloping!

@RC boosted! And I'll be bragging to everyone I know that my best friend made an awesome card game!

PS: Don't forget to make your announcement a pinned post!

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