Last night @Ncl and I went to go see The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

We were the only ones in the theater laughing big belly laughs.

Did nobody get that the humor was in how meta-textual it was?

Did nobody there read Don Quixote?!

I think most folks were there because it was a Terry Gilliam film.

We were there because it was a Don Quixote film.


@Ncl Anyway Don Quixote is good shit everyone should read it.

@RC @Ncl it’s on my list! I’ve gotta read more classic lit, only one I’ve really read is Monte Cristo which I love

@coffeentacos @Ncl

Monte Cristo's on my list! I'm kinda at the point where I'll either read a classic and seek out a weird reinterpretation of it or have it the other way around.

For Monte Cristo, I've had two things that push me to it. One is the anime Gankutsuo and the other is one of Calvino's cosmiccomics.

@RC @Ncl ugh, Gankutsuou was so good! Monte Cristo is near perfect imo. None of the adaptations really reach the same heights as the book, though a few are great. I was very much into it back in high school, think I read it 2-3 times at least (I’ve never been much for rereading books)

@coffeentacos @Ncl

If I ever wanted to teach a lit class, I would have my class read a classic and then read or watch a weird postmodern thing about it.

I'm slowly building the syllabus.

@coffeentacos I could turn it into a book club....

That would be so, so good.

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