uh, friends with spotify, is there a way to just mute specific artists from ever showing up or being recommended on radio etc? i've googled and it looks like all the options that were there, aren't? or have moved?

@ryanlittlefield honestly, Spotify’s radio feature just isn’t great


@brianne_renee @ryanlittlefield Truth. I was thinking of switching back to Pandora since Spotify is so bad.

@RC @brianne_renee I actually like Spotify. I just want to be able to mute artists like I thought they mentioned they included.

I'm coming from Google Play and really anything I can do not to give Google money is a plus.

@ryanlittlefield @RC google play bought Songza which was my favorite of the algorithm-radio bunch, but then it wasn’t the same

@brianne_renee @ryanlittlefield OMFG Songza was sooooo good.

It was like someone with better tastes than you loaded up an iPod with their playlists and gave it to you.

@RC @ryanlittlefield yesssss their mixes were always perfect for the occasion!!

@ryanlittlefield @RC @brianne_renee didn’t they recently add this? I could’ve sworn they did. I recall it was referred to as blocking rather than muting.

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