I live an instagramable life, but I refuse to use it.

Shame, I could be an influencer and beg for sponsorship deals.....


At least they have Mappy on the arcade machine.... With no music.... It feels so soulless.

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I think it would be super cool if I interviewed all of them for an article or something.

I may be able to pitch it as a podcast idea to OKCupid actually 😂

I'm currently looking at people on OKCupid I'm 99% Matching with and I'm losing my mind!

Every single one of them has part of their profile where I shout, "Yas that!"

Just a few of them: a guy in Denver with the same tastes in music as me and is embarrassed about it; a lady in California who brags in alterations; and an NB in Italy who loves nature and respects your religion so much even though they are atheist.

So yeah that actually says a lot about me.

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hey, lazer pizza now has open registration, with approval! now I don't have to manually send invite links to everyone! if you know anyone who wants to join lazer pizza, or if YOU want to join lazer pizza, just submit a request and we'll review it!

Also the massage I'm getting is called the "geek massage" it's to help people crouched in front of the computer constantly.

I just scheduled a spa appointment in NYC. It's going to cost me $300 dollars. I feel guilty about it. But I'm sore and stressed everywhere.

My coworker assumed I was "current." I rushed to tell her I'm eclectic. I can fake very being up on trends. But really I'm 10-15 years behind in my tastes in a lot of things. I'll watch 60's musicals and play the latest indie games in equal measure.

Life's a buffet, so I'm going to take a little bite of everything.

@Ncl Anyway Don Quixote is good shit everyone should read it.

Last night @Ncl and I went to go see The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

We were the only ones in the theater laughing big belly laughs.

Did nobody get that the humor was in how meta-textual it was?

Did nobody there read Don Quixote?!

I think most folks were there because it was a Terry Gilliam film.

We were there because it was a Don Quixote film.

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Yay! I got board game date set up for later this week! I'm so happy I'm doing at least one board game thing a week now!

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