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My page for my tabletop RPG is live!

It's a custom system sci-fi anime RPG.

And I need playtesters.

Check out the page for more info and sign up to play a session of my oneshot in development!

If you like Sci-Fi anime like Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Tenchi Muyo, Lost Universe, Carole and Tuesday, or so many others, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

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FYI, my card game Flipology is available for purchase directly from me! I can ship the game or hand it off it you live nearby!

What is Flipology? It's the quick game of flipping animals! You flip up animals and trigger effects. Try to get a cascade of flipping animals or use tricky effects to steal or destroy cards. Get the most points on face up cards to win!

The game costs $20 + shipping. It takes 2-8 players and takes 10-30 minutes to play! DM to place an order!

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You: *is Non-binary*

Me: *falls instantly in love*

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New instance, new-ish intro.

Hi, I'm RC. I'm a trans woman and civil servant from a small city in NY.

I make board games and card games for fun. One is actually getting published this year! And I love playing them too!

I love cooking fancy and unfancy food. Curating my cookbook collection is shockingly important to me.

I try to make my life better and I try to do the same for others!

I'm happy to make some new internet friends!

Anyone know where a game designer/government contract manager can find work?

I'm asking for a friend.

The friend is me....

I need a new job....

Can anyone provide some concrete articles about stereotyping trans women as "aggressive"?

I've gotten written up by my boss on this before and it's likely to happen again. I need some grounds to fight this.

"This is a robot lady I've drawn. She has powerful claws and laser guns attached to her thighs."

"Ah, girlfriend material."

"She can kill you without trying."

"Oh!!! Wife material!"

Uuuuuuuuuugh, I overslept so I'm missing the big networking event I was looking forward to 😣

Welp here's to setting back your own career a year. 🍻

Considering the busy travel week, I'm feeling pretty good. The worst work is behind me and I'm looking forward to a fun and productive convention!

I have not felt more ironic cynicism than this moment:

Riding in a van in terrible winter weather listen to "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" on the radio.

Having flashbacks to all those times working in antiviolence where some fool of an ED/manager at some org would break into tears about how my raising concerns about police presence in (whatever work we were trying to do) was "oppressing the police".

Shoulda got that on a shirt.

My business in Buffalo is done. Unfortunately, I'm so tired that I haven't had the energy to go out. My supervisor has been terrible, but the people from the other programs have been great.

Now to spend most of tomorrow in a car. Then PAX Unplugged on Friday!

i should probably plug my game here too

i made a game! it's nsfw so only play if you're a grownup, and it's got some content warnings for various kinds of kink content

Actually that whole statement, but also for Tokyo Godfathers.

Tired: Die Hard is a Christmas movie, ya know?

Wired: Gremlins is a Christmas movie l, ya know?

Inspired: Shazam is a Christmas movie that actually teaches about family, togetherness, gratitude and other holiday values while not being explicitly about Christmas, ya know?

Welp. Just remembered the one thing I forgot back at home.... My publisher's business cards.... Great....

I'm on the train going home and it's snowing outside and I hope my train doesn't get delayed BUT it's going to be very pretty either way :3 (image is a selfie with eye contact)

Being stuck in NYC had firmly restored my faith in humanity.

I met about a half of dozen new people. Some nice,real, full conversations. And possibly a new local friend!

Plus now Monday is a snow day!

The bar I'm at just played the sad version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, aka the Right One, and I'm very happy.

I'm stuck in NYC due to snow and I'm in shockingly good spirits. I'm also spending a lot of money and I'm insanely tired. Hopefully this will be the only hiccup in a week that will be filled with travel.

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