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My page for my tabletop RPG is live!

It's a custom system sci-fi anime RPG.

And I need playtesters.

Check out the page for more info and sign up to play a session of my oneshot in development!

If you like Sci-Fi anime like Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Tenchi Muyo, Lost Universe, Carole and Tuesday, or so many others, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

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FYI, my card game Flipology is available for purchase directly from me! I can ship the game or hand it off it you live nearby!

What is Flipology? It's the quick game of flipping animals! You flip up animals and trigger effects. Try to get a cascade of flipping animals or use tricky effects to steal or destroy cards. Get the most points on face up cards to win!

The game costs $20 + shipping. It takes 2-8 players and takes 10-30 minutes to play! DM to place an order!

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You: *is Non-binary*

Me: *falls instantly in love*

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New instance, new-ish intro.

Hi, I'm RC. I'm a trans woman and civil servant from a small city in NY.

I make board games and card games for fun. One is actually getting published this year! And I love playing them too!

I love cooking fancy and unfancy food. Curating my cookbook collection is shockingly important to me.

I try to make my life better and I try to do the same for others!

I'm happy to make some new internet friends!

Only the most well-off and able-bodied are free in the US. Think about this whenever you hear stories about risks paying off.

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Every time I come up with a fun and creative solution to my current weird circumstances, I run up against one big roadblock: the price of health insurance in the US. Even the barest bones plans cost $450 a month for me!

My job is the only thing keeping me in one spot, but to make sure I’m insured, I have to work.

I can’t live nomadically because of this. I can’t start a small business because of this. I have over $10k in savings to take these big risks, but health insurance still binds me!

My online classes are potentially from 10 to 18 CET. That's 4 to 12 here!

I'm stuck In the US. If I wanted to be a true innovator, I could move further west to combat the time difference! West Coast could get me going midnight to 6. Why stop there? Hawaii could get it from 22 to 4.

Guam could get my classes back to reasonable time! 6 to 14 is pretty normal for classes.

Yay! US Empire!

Behold one of the most delightful 90s things I've stumbled on.

The Japanese and English VAs sing Tenchi Muyo's ending in English.

It's a concert vid from a VHS! There's a live band! It's great!

breaking into the Svalbard seed vault to make a true everything bagel

Playing with two different modded games in one day?! It's more likely than you think...

I stayed up past my bedtime but, it's official! I have made the hero of time a gurl!

@witchfynder_finder @RC The model quality for a fair amount of important characters was actually boosted in the mobile/steam and later versions!

So you wouldn't be able to get that if you put it on top of the PS1 version. They did a really good job with them. They lend themselves well to that painted look of the environments especially with the already upscaled/improved textures.

Ideally, I want to also run Relics of the Past on top of this for a completely new experience.

If not, then probably I'll do a no cooking run.

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I'm doing one last group of downloads and setups for my new gaming laptop. I want to get Zelda BotW going with at least the Linkle mod and maybe some others!

I'm so hyped to transgend the Hero of Time!

I finally got the Moguri Mod working for FFIX and this shit looks good!

The procedurally upscaled backgrounds and foregrounds are a little soft, but parts of them are stunning. It gives the game a storybook feel!

Mr email
e me a mail
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a pic of a snail

Food, alc 

Also things I'll miss from the state fair: Dollar Potatoes, 25¢ milk, free wine samples, free apples, deep fried everything, restorative slushies, and getting an extra giant turkey legs cause you and your partner are cute.

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The fair is hecking great and I would love to go next year. Exhibitions, animals, the circus, vendors, musicians, government orgs, and farm museums.

So much fun!!!

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At work, we talked about the NY State Fair being declared close. It's totally expected and necessary, but still depressing.

The State Fair was one of the best things about being an Upstater.


Made braised veggies and pork with butter beans. Tasty!

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Lazer Pizza!!

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