No trip to the beach this weekend, so instead one final #Geskizzel / #quick #sketch for today: From the archive: - Sailboats and Freightship - #art #mastoart #ink #watercolour

I don't know if I'm any healthier after months of brown rice instead of white but I hope I am?

I did it! Achievement unlocked! I've cooked the last batch of brown rice today. The 15lb bag is empty plus the little 1lb bag I had laying around. I started eating brown rice beginning of quarantine lockdown and so it's taken a few months.

These ones are my favorites. Fangtooth moray eel and fangtooth fish! These are really good pictures too. I try to collect reference pictures from various angles!

Something I've noticed from being subscribed to emailing lists but never buying anything is that there's a perpetual sale that's always about to end and the discount is always 25% to 30% off.

Meal planning, budgeting, and bill paying are so mundane. There's no way to make it fun so I have to create some kind of a system to get it done faster 😅

My neighbors from their balcony: Aw he's wearing his ninja turtle costume again! :')
Me, wearing my TMNT shirt to do the laundry:

There's so many factors involved in the feeling of horror.

E.T. was scary but the government agents in hazmat suits were significantly moreso because they had white vans and were frothing with kidnapper stranger danger vibes. When I was watching Alien and Aliens I didn't feel as scared (even with the face hugger and chest burster) because I trusted Ripley.

"MAC and Me" (1988) is probably one of the most terrifying depictions of aliens I've ever seen. Predators and xenomorphs don't hold a candle to how ugly the MAC is.

I've seen a lot of Amabie art and decided to join in too and make a sketch with flat colors.

#art #amabie #AMABIEchallenge #creativetoots #mastoart

Literally all mollusks are cute and friends. ♥️🐌🦪🐙🦑♥️

Food + 

Not many options right now for food but I did find a few boxes of this seaweed pasta I've only thought about trying.

Day 25 of quarantine lockdown: I thought about sea turtles and teared up.

Supposedly it's possible to make cake from a boxed cake mix plus soda (like a bottle or a can of soda) so I've been brainstorming what I could do with la croix if I had the chance.

I'm thinking about borrowing Dune as an ebook or an audiobook online via the Libby/Overdrive app.

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