For everyone who grew up with LeVar Burton's dulcet voice on "Reading Rainbow," like me and @scoots , he started a podcast recently called "LeVar Burton Reads."

He picks short fiction he enjoys and reads it, with authors like Octavia Butler and Ray Bradbury.

📖 🌈 It's basically Reading Rainbow for adults! 🌈 📖

Benji the Hunted (1987) traumatized me as a child.

Cabbage soup, minestrone, and chili is the plan for December!

I'm watching "David The Gnome" and I just noticed that they slice mushroom like it's a loaf of bread or meat. Adorable!

Buying Christmas gifts from the Halloween clearance section 👩‍🍳👌

Going to tread through fiverr categories to see what illustration services can be offered. Off the bat it looks like I should prepare a logo and stationery design portfolio.

Considering joining fiverr but I know nobody who uses it.

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Finished the Jack-in-the-Web doily! I modified the eye shape to make the pumpkins to look a bit jollier than the ones in the pattern, and they turned out pretty cute. 🎃🕸️ (Pattern: #crochet

I ate a pumpkin pancake sample at Trader Joe's.

Quinoa and lentils mixed together is my ground beef replacement but I haven't found the best way to season it for spaghetti yet. For tacos it's easy though, just dump taco seasonings in.

I'm surprised at the lack of Halloween food specials. There should be pumpkin cakes, buns, breads, pies everywhere and sweet potato fries and pumpkin pasta.

So recently I re-watched "Fistful of Dollars", "For a Few Dollars More", and "The Good The Bad and the Ugly". I also watched Magnificent Seven and "Yojimbo". They're the totally some of the few movies you could watch a bunch of times and still enjoy.

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Lazer Pizza!!

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