I used to live off of CLIF's cool mint chocolate chip bar because it had 49mg of caffeine in it. Looking back I know I was addicted because one bag of black tea has the same amount of caffeine. Caffeine is haunting me right now I can taste the 9 shots of espresso I used to chug during all-nighters.

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I'm a few weeks away from buying protein bars in bulk and canned energy drinks in pallets so I can hunker down and grind. Cooking is taking too much of my time. I need that time to code.

Apparently if you are healthy enough to begin with then you can safely live off of eating only potatoes for two whole months.

The ground squirrels in California love popcorn, pizzas, and tortillas. Don't ask me how I know.

I try to feed random animals I see on my lunch break, like squirrels and birds, and I hope it's okay for them, to have jelly sandwich.

Sometimes I think about owning a pet fish but I'd be tempted to feed it bits of whatever I was eating whatever that's probably isn't good for fish, like ramen and sandwiches.

It warmed up briefly but now it's getting super cold again, dramatically, and I already don't remember how to dress in this weather. It's underwear layer, base layer, another layer, and another layer hopefully wind and waterproof P.S. wool socks I think.

From the wikipedia page on glitter. Be gay & do crimes with caution.

There are a lot of bots, and a lot of phishing scams and emails out there so beware friends if you get anything weird in your inbox!

I know it's cheaper to buy the packs so I do but I like to buy at least one or two of this brand with the happy gopher on it.

This walrus has lived in my brain since scanning this book four years ago and I'm unleashing him upon the fediverse

I feel like four hours have passed but I check the time and it's only been one hour.

Apparently you can suddenly develop an allergy to something you used to be okay with.

I had a major allergic reaction this month where my neck was swollen for days. So I'm on a little bit of a special diet to reduce inflammation and find the big culprit. I've narrowed it down to processed wheat product (especially in contact with peanuts), anything in contact with peanuts ever, foods that come into contact with pollens (so I guess I have to get better at rinsing), mold (such as cheese and mushrooms), and soy. Okay so it's actually a lot... I'm going to miss tofu salad sandwiches.

Tomatoes literally go with everything: pizza, pasta, salsa, soups, chili, potatoes, eggs, and cheese.

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Lazer Pizza!!

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