I was commissioned to illustrate a Mastodon mascot that's a corgi instead of a mastodon but time will tell if it's used for anything since I wasn't the only one vying to design. I hope they enjoy it. I sent in the files today and they sent back their thanks!

There is some benefit to the whole Marie Kondo thing. I think there's a lot of things we could easily live without that take up space we could be using for I don't know kickboxing maybe? I have some art stuff leftover from art school I definitely won't revisit so I have to use it up or recycle it. Maybe one of these days I'll speed paint on every loose sheet of paper in here.

Weeks later I'm still cleaning out my place after the flooding. It's taken a long time but I think I after I'm done I'll be more careful about storing things in piles on the floor especially if it can retain water.

I want to start a podcast where it's just me reading my friends' writing (and mine) but I'm not sure how to start beyond making a soundcloud and something rss something. I want to go the open source route that's for sure though!

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Do people still have bird baths in their yards? I realize now it's been a while since I've seen one. I saw a bird trying to wash and drink from a dirty puddle and got sad. I saw some cute videos online of hummingbirds bathing though!

Dear diary, today I did crimes. I ate two free samples, instead of the socially acceptable amount of one, from the samples kiosk at Trader Joe's and had a refill on my coffee cup there.

I'm getting stickers made! I commissioned some more art from @RAPIDPUNCHES and am going to put in an order for some stickers with this art on it. If any Lazer Pizza folks want some, let me know and I'll send some (assuming you're cool with giving me an address)! Gonna send 5 max, per person. Might change based on pricing.

Benefits of drinking water: if you have a cataclysmic accident where it spills everywhere, you can relax because it's just water and when it dries it isn't sticky and leaves no residue.

Forgot the word for straw and called it a "drinking spoon".

@kioskwitch a father and son duo working in the late 1800s made hundreds of glass anatomical models of sea life and fruit and atoms, which were tossed out or left to languish in closets when sturdier plastic models became readily available. The Blaschkas were adamant that these were just everyday models and not very impressive but every single one looks like an art piece and they're gorgeous and accurate. Their techniques have been completely lost

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