Bi visibility day 🐙, selfie, eye contact-ish 

I don't care about the rest of the game, I'm just going to hang out in the cantina with Grammeowster Chef and eat stew and casserole all dang day.

Picture of food 

Some of the paintings I've done of Pokémon! I do have commissions open for traditional art pieces of a Pokémon of your choosing!

Link to commission page:

For other inquiries DM me through here or my IG @in_deedee

Selfie of me holding a small glass jar with three full wisdom teeth in it. My expression is of someone who asked for teeth while not fully conscious and now just owns a small jar of own teeth.

🌈My artwork is being displayed for sale at Whitty Books in Tulsa! I'm August's featured artist! Stop by and convince Victoria to give Mastodon a try!🌈

All of my artwork is priced $2-$45 for affordability!💸 Over 20 individual paintings!

🛍️Store address: 2407 E Admiral Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74110

My information:

🎉 Introduction 🎉
Hi! My name is Dee, I'm your local bisexual indigenous woman traditional painter. I've been on Mastodon several times but I'm excited for Lazer pizza cause it's ran by a long time masto fren.
I'm friendly! I'm poor! My commissions are open! Woo!

I have links!

Ive been using a lot of pink paint lately, mostly because I’m running out of other colors, but i kind of dig it now.

IG: @in_deedee

Lazer Pizza!!

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